Monday, April 02, 2007

The Kemah Bridge Challenge

April 2, 2007.

Okay, this will be the official post with all the necessary information for future reference.

Inspired by crazy Kemah Bridge Ultrarunners like Bob Linza, Buddy Brown, and Mark Henderson, I've decided to challenge the moderately crazy runner inside the rest of us to push themselves with some extra laps on the bridge. And I'll even back it up with a custom award of undefined form, handmade by myself, or possibly my friend Claudia if I can convince her to make some also.

Completion of the challenge consists of running 10 complete laps on the Kemah Bridge with only as much walking as you realistically feel that the walking didn't count. One lap is defined as the entire round trip, over the bridge and back, run the safe way, looping around under the overpasses on both sides, staying on the left side of the road at all times, like this. This distance is approximately 1.92 miles per trip, making the entire run about 19.2 miles.

Previous Award Winners are:

  • James David Dykas : April 6, 2007 : 10 laps in 3 hours 25 minutes

  • Questions you may have:

  • Who are you to pose a challenge like this? You haven't even done this yourself! - Fair point. You're right.

  • Is your "handmade award of undefined form" really worth this much effort? - Likely not.

  • How will you officially verify that I finished? Will you be there? - It's my backyard, so maybe I can be there. Otherwise I'll verify it by your lack of shifty eyes and your overall demeanor when you tell me you finished it. You could also provide a photo, as suggested by DirtRunner, to help convince me and the world. It would also help commemorate your achievement, which is nice.

  • How well equipped are the aid stations? - The aid stations are as well equipped as you equip them.

  • What will the award be like? What will it be made of? - The medal is still undesigned. Knowing myself, it might have a monkey on it. They might all be different. As far as the material, it might be made of clay, or metal, or nuts, or shells, or wood. I've also done some work with macaroni in my early years.

  • Where is the best place to park? - There's a little japanese restaurant named "Ichibon's" right where the start/finish is on this map, that's where the CLFC people park when they run the bridge.

  • Good luck!


    Dirt Runner said...

    There should be proof by photo. Either by the runner or by someone else showing them on the bridge. Where's the best place to park or do you valet?

    Keith said...

    Thanks Rick, I've taken your suggestions and recommended a photo and answered the parking question too.

    jamoosh said...

    Keith, rather than rush your "creative juices," might I suggest that instead of having to do an award every time someone completes the Challenge, set a date for the Challenge to end - perhaps end of April or mid May (because of the heat). Once the Challenge has ended, those people who completed it can meet on a Saturday afternoon (Maybe Boondoggles or BJ's) for the Keith Kelleher Awards Ceremony. That way you can take your time with the awards and get a free meal (I'll buy yours!).

    Keith said...

    An awards ceremony? Are my handmade medals important enough to have an awards ceremony? (doubt it)

    Are people actually going to do it? (maybe. you people are crazy)

    But I don't like the idea of limiting it so soon, 10 laps is hard, and I at least am going to have to work up to it. If I limit it, maybe it will be like one year or something.

    But it brings up a good point. Are we never going to have another blogger gettogether?

    Christy said...

    This is cracking me up. :-)

    Cassie (TIGGS) said...

    i don't think I can run 19 miles right now, esp over than bridge! but if there is a post-run party, I'll bring beer.... said...

    We know why Cassie can't do 19 miles these days. :) If it is done on a weekend, I'm in 4/21-22 and 4/28-29, for sure.