Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Running, Swimming, Ditching

Since my last post...

I ran 4 or 5 miles on Thursday, I think. Or did I? I know I went to the gym on Friday to run and swim but then they had a swim meet so we couldn't swim, but the leisure pool was open and only for a half hour longer so we did that first and swam a little but mostly played basketball in the pool and went down the slide a couple times, but that was Friday, so maybe I don't remember what I did on Thursday, but maybe I ran on Wednesday then.

But I'm sure I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning with my beloved club, and then 6 miles on Sunday morning with Broadway Joe and his beloved club. We ran down in Texas City from Anchor Park and it was very nice. They have some nice trails and a nice 5K loop and a nice long levee to run on. It seems our clubs might try a new level of cooperation, offering both club's members a service which is greater than the sum of the parts. (You know how it is, since we're both competing with a certain gargantuan for-profit running club, that looks like a non-profit company, and even has coaches and support crew that volunteer their time as if it were a non-profit, but isn't non-profit at all.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, tuesday night I ran 5K in a mess of loops around the indoor track at school, and then 12 trips across the pool. The pool is always an experience. I think it went better than last time, and I tried to follow some kind of a pattern so I could track my improvement. The first time I just swam until I was exhausted and rested until I could swim again. This time I started out with one trip across the pool, which was taking around 27-30 seconds, and then resting until the end of the minute, and then leaving again. After 4 trips it was too much, so I changed it to 90 second starts, which I could maintain for the rest of the workout. Next time I think I'll start with the 90 second starts and switch to 60 seconds for the middle laps.

Anyway, I'm at work so I can't blog too long. But I have to tell you, I just got back from a Podcasting Summit, that I really only signed up for to get the free lunch. But anyway, I'm sitting there with my friend Claudia and my other friend Yong, and we finished our food and we're sitting, planning our exit, thinking one goes this way and the other that way and so forth and so on, but there really was no good way to do it. Any way to go would be mildly awkward on some level, since they had people standing by the doors, probably for just that reason. Eventually though, Claudia and I just bit the bullet and got up and walked straight out, and we totally ditched Yong. He looked at us with such shock when we got up. The keynote speaker was talking at the time and he had made the rounds and chatted with us a little before the start and we all agreed that he had figured us out and were just there for the lunch. Anyway it was funny. I think Yong is still there. I feel a little bad about it.



Heather said...

So, I guess you didn't get the ipod?!?! ;)

Anonymous said...

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