Friday, April 13, 2007

Mobilize the Geeks : Spirit of the Marathon

Hi Bloggers,

Christy's right. We should mobilize and get a special screening of Spirit of the Marathon here in Houston. As she mentioned here on her blog, you can send an email to and tell them to come to Houston for their special screening. Whoever they hear from the most wins. Email your club members, bloggers seem to have representatives from all of them.

Stupid New Yorkers with their Biggest Marathon in the World probably think it should be there and probably assume it and wont even send any emails, they'll just assume it! They're so self-centered! New Yorkers. And LA? Please. Those people are too cool to care about anything. They show up at the Lakers games in the third quarter and talk on their cellphones the whole time. And Chicago! Well, they already get the official screening, we're competing for a second special screening, so Chicago doesn't count. That leaves us as the fourth biggest city in the world, so we should get it. And we've got the spirit of the marathon bleeding from our pores. That should help.



TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, thanks for the support Keith! I agree, Houston is soooo much better than LA and NY...we totally deserve to get the screening. I may try to create some bogus e-mail accounts and send in some fake votes. Ummm, you know, just in case. :o)

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Keith said...

Hi Tim,
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Anonymous said...

I think "Tim" is the alter ego of "Faithful Soles".