Monday, April 02, 2007

Bridge Challenge Roll Call

Ten loops on the bridge, as defined here, = 1 homemade trophy commemorating your mental instability.

To answer some questions:

Steve, no I don't have to be there, but it's possible that I can be since it's my backyard. And many times, the water that you stash there will still be there when you loop around, but one time, a guy from the club put a cooler with some provisions there and somebody stole it all.

JD, I don't know exactly what the award will be like, but probably not hobo-related. Maybe they will all be different (assuming I have to make more than one). Unless you really like hobos.

Christy, I'll make sure yours can be worn like a medal.

Steve and JD might try it. I might even have to do it also. Christy will do it if Sarah does it, and Sarah secretly wants to do it.



TX Runner Girl said...

I'm a bit late in casting my vote, but I too think Sarah should do it. What the hell? Sarah - if you do it, I will too. But only if the custom award can be worn on my neck like a medal...I only run crazy distances for medals. :-)

jamoosh said...

OK - I'm in for this Saturday. I'll be starting early, but will wear my Garmin so distances can be verified, if necessary. I am hoping to be done by 9:00 AM.

Sarah said...

Why does everyone think *I* should do it? Just because I asked? Oh man, I'm in trouble now...

Anonymous said...

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