Friday, March 30, 2007

Crazy Kemah Bridge Runners

Bob Linza started the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon. And it seems to have taken off pretty well.

Then, do you remember when Bob ran 14 loops for more than a full marathon distance on the Kemah Bridge? All by himself, before work on a Thursday morning. (I always wondered why that idea didn't take off like the Seabrook Marathon. - probably because it's crazy)

But now, two people have broken the record for most laps on the bridge. On Saturday, March 24th, Buddy Brown, of the CLFC ran 17 laps on the Kemah bridge! And then on Sunday, March 25th, Mark Henderson, of BARC also ran 17 laps on the bridge! So now it's tied at 17 laps on the bridge, and there's talk of trying to run 20.

FYI, a loop or a lap on the bridge is defined as the entire round trip, back and forth run the safe way, meaning looping around under the overpasses on both ends, always on the left side of the road of course. like this.
I understand the challenge to run farther and farther and more and more loops of the bridge, but it's already too much to be an active participant for a two-bit chump like me. How about 7 loops? that seems hard enough. Or 10, maybe that should be the standard challenge. Yeah! There should be a standard challenge for the only moderately crazy people. Okay, I'll define a standard challenge, and I'll even back it up with some hardware! If you, my loyal reader, run 10 consecutive laps on the Kemah bridge, I'll make you a custom award with my own little hands to commemorate you mental instability.

Rock on,


Sarah said...

Will the medal be as big as my head?

What do you define as the start & turnaround for one loop on the bridge?

Not that I'm going to do it. Just curious.

I could *BIKE* 10 loops...that might be doable...

Keith said...

I clarified the language on the official loop a bit. I think you should do it, Sarah. Does anybody else think Sarah should do it?

Steve Bezner said...

I do, I do.

Is there water on this loop? Uh, drinkable water. Or I guess with such small loop that I could stash provisions.

Does Keith need to be present to win?

jamoosh said...

Hmmm, does this award have anything to do with hobos? I think Sarah should do it. I am wondering if I should do it? I need a long run prior to Eugene this month...