Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are you following me?

There's a lot to catch up on. A lot I haven't blogged. I've been busy with the Seabrook Marathon website, which should be less active for a while now that all the results are up, and all the pictures are up, and the feedback form is up.

But that's not all I've been up to. Here are just a few of the things I've done and not blogged about.
  • Ran the Seabrook Marathon Relay with my pals Yong, Heather, and Claudia.

  • Ran 8.25 miles with the club on the 24th, and even some with my long lost training partner.

  • Went ice skating on Sunday evening - 1 fall, getting better, less scared.

  • Ran 5 miles Monday morning.

  • Can you believe that? I even ran a race and didn't blog it!

    Anyway, I brought my running clothes and ran after work this evening. There's a route around campus and down the bayou that is about 10K.

    It was just about sunset time, and I got to see some bats flying around down by the bayou, which I thought was cool. I keep meaning to check out the bats around the Waugh Street Bridge. Has anybody seen them? Is it cool?

    Anywho, I was running along, on the return trip along the bayou, and by this time it was already dark. Now, the bayou has some nice houses alongside it, and it looks like a nice area, but if you're running in that area at dusk, it will occur to you that only that one row of houses that border the bayou are nice, and the rest... is somewhat less nice. The bars on the doors and windows are a good clue to that.

    Well, I'm running along and the first wierd thing I see is the silhouette of a man that apparently had just been laying on the ground. There's a grassy area between the road and the bayou trail, and he had been laying there for some time. As he started walking around it was quite clear that he was completely intoxicated. He was stumbling and stomping around, and it was strange because he was dressed in what looked like a sportscoat and nice pants. How he got there, and how he got so intoxicated so early in the day is a question I had too. He was fairly young, maybe early 20s, and much too drunk to be a real threat to a strapping vibrant young man like myself, but I ran softly anyway until I passed him.

    But then there was this other guy, walking on the trail ahead, and he yells out, "Hey white boy!" This other guy was a very large black man, who could have been a threat to me if he wanted to be, but it was clear he was addressing the drunk. "Are you following me?! Are you following me!?" he yells at the drunk man. On and on he yelled, "I saw you over there, when I was there, and now you're here! Are you following me?!" The drunk guy looked completely terrified. There was only yelling though, and I don't think there was ever any real threat to anybody. I think he was just having some fun, messing with the drunk guy. It's fun to mess with drunk people. I understand that.

    But anyway, I covered the 6+ miles, and now, with 8 on Saturday, 5 on Monday, and 6 on Wednesday, it's almost starting to look like I'm an actual runner. It feels good to get back into it. I've been running lately, but mostly just the group runs on the weekends. It has been hard to get myself out the door for more miles all by myself. I'm getting over that though.

    Rock on.

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