Friday, March 02, 2007

Dietary Analysis

In an effort to improve my running performance through an improvement in my overall health, I made an effort to first analyze the current state of my diet. As you can see from the flowchart below, it is already pretty good, consisting almost entirely of foods that are, or are decended directly or indirectly from, vegetables.

But seriously though, I don't eat too poorly. Breakfast is usually very good, maybe I'll have some fruit and toast, or maybe I'll have a protein shake. Occasionally an omlette. Lunch has been more difficult, since I haven't been preparing anything and I have to find something here at work. The choices are slim and are mostly at fast-food type places here on campus. Wendy's has some nice chicken salads, but one of those with a drink is about 6$, which is too much for everyday, and it gets boring after a while. You should know, I've stayed away from the ice cream for 18 days already.

So, how can I improve? I guess I should bring my lunches from home. I can make it the day before and not even try to do it in the morning when I'll undoubtedly be running late. Do you eat a healthy lunch? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Keith. "Rewind"
Remember this post? I argued that your cancer risk is related to the viability of your normal cells, rather than just the increased efficiency of the cancerous cells. So, try to avoid carcinogens for sure, but make yourself strong enough to fight it off when it comes.


JustJunebug said...

taking a healthy lunch is easy. heres what i do (most of the time): buy one of those big bags of chicken breasts and bake the whole bag on sunday. take a third of it and cube it (for salads); take a third and make some chicken salad (low fat mayo) for sammichs (whole grain bread) and then the other third leave as have lunches for the whole week and then some...add some things here and there and you are set..

Anonymous said...

DOH!!!!! You forgot the aliens. WTF-reak hehe

Keith said...

Oh, like you never stole a joke...

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

i must say i thouroughly (didispellthatright?!) enjoyed your food-diagram. you eat wayyy better then me...but it's only because i like veggies AND ice cream:)

i did give up chocalate though:(