Friday, March 09, 2007

Rolled my ankle.

Gosh, this week has flown by without much posting.
I ran on Monday night, one lap around Memorial.

Then I ran again on Wednesday, but only one mile before I stepped on a rock and rolled my ankle. It was really bad for a couple of minutes but faded as I walked for a while. The next day it was sore all the way up the side of my calf and it hurts if I bend it too far. I don't think I did any major damage, just strained lots of little things.

I still intend to run with the club tomorrow morning. I'll take it easy and decide after a couple miles if I'm doing more damage than good.

I hope I'll be back to 100% for the Seabrook Marathon Relay next weekend. I'm running the first leg and some friends from work, Yong, Heather, and Claudia will run the others. I think it will be the first road race for all of them. It should be tons of fun.

Mor elater.

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Heather said...

Can't wait partner!!!!