Monday, April 02, 2007

10 miles Saturday morning

I didn't know how far I wanted to run. Probably 8 or 9. I started out with Ed and Robin from the club, around 6:00 AM. About 6:05 it got cold and started pouring, and about 6:10 it stopped raining altogether. We headed out from the parking lot at the Seabrook trails and headed south towards the Bridge. I ran about 6.7 miles in the first leg, over the bridge, down the boardwalk, and back to the trails. I stopped at the park for some candy and a very small amount of chit chat and then finished up my 10 miles on the trails. It was raining again, very hard, with lightning also and not mud, but huge pools of water on the trails. I kindof enjoyed it, but was a little frightened by a few lightning strikes that were too close for comfort. When I got back to the pavillion my GPS said 9.9 miles, so I had to continue on just a little further. I was afraid the people in the club would be upset by my running through the lightening and not finding shelter, but instead they cheered and said 'go!' as I ran by.


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