Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend workout wrap-up

Early Friday evening, Claudia and I headed to the pool, but forgot that the gym closes at 8:00 on Fridays and the pool closes 30 minutes before that. That only left us with 10 minutes to swim so we reconsidered and just ran a bit. I ran 2 easy miles and then 1.5 laps in my barefeet.

Saturday morning I got up and headed out to the park to run with the club. 3 miles early by myself and 5 miles with the group. GPS watch says it was 9:37 pace average.

Saturday afternoon, we made it back to the gym to get in our swim. It seems like I'm improving already. I started out as planned with 4 laps, leaving every ninety seconds and then switched to 4 laps leaving every 60 seconds. After a couple laps, I confused myself with trying to count the intervals between laps instead of the laps, because that's what really counts, since four laps with 60 second starts really only stresses my cardiovascular system 3 times (or maybe it is 4, I dunno... No wait, I'm right. I should count the intervals because the first lap isn't any more difficult than those before), but anyway, I started losing track of how many I had done. I was feeling good so I made sure I did more than 4, I think 6 or 7. Then I returned to several laps with 90 second starts. I think there were 16 laps total.

Sunday, we tested Claudia's new bicycle and rode down to Burke-Crenshaw Park and around on the dirt roads behind the park a little. It was about 5 miles or so.

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