Friday, April 06, 2007

I am not happy today.

I say that and giggle because it reminds me of a couple times when I was at the Galleria Skating Rink and there was a middle aged asian man training a bunch of little tiny asian girls, not more than 10 years old, and they were all skating around, 100 times better than me, and he just kept yelling at them, "Faster!," "Bend your knees," "Faster!" and one time, as one little girl looked at him sheepishly, he turned and said mournfully, "I am not happy today."

In general, I am not happy today because I'm still feeling miserable from the cold that hit me on Wednesday night. And my long run is scheduled for tomorrow, and it's supposed to be cold and rainy. Cold and rainy is not what I want to hear at this moment. Otherwise things are going great. I study biological science. I love my classes. I've got a crazy teacher, he wears dark glasses.

If I still feel bad tomorrow morning, I'll postpone the long run until Sunday. Actually, lets just plan to do it on Sunday and make sure I'm recovered. That's what Sundays are for, making up for lost miles. Sundays are for forgiveness. I'll run 10 on Sunday and I'll dedicate those miles to Jesus! Thanks Jesus for all the forgiveness and everything else. Big props to the Big Man! Whoo hoo! Rock on!



TX Runner Girl said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. BTW, I think I know that instructor at the rink. I took lessons with him a few years ago, back when we were both beginners. Sad thing - I never got much better and now he teaches young skaters!

Anonymous said...

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