Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thinking out loud...

The San Antonio Marathon is November 11 this year.
That's 193 days, or about 6.5 months from now.
My goal is to break 4:00 (9:10 m/m), in that race or in Dallas in December.
My PR is 4:17 (9:49 m/m), so 4:00 is sufficiently ambitious.
The McMillan Calculator says I can run a 3:51 (based on a 1:49 half marathon). Even Galloway's Calculator says 3:53.

My mileage is around 25 per week right now, which isn't that much, but I think okay for the offseason. I'll be designing the training plan soon and I'll post it here. I'm thinking it will probably have two key runs in the week, and lots of junk miles because I loves me the junk. I'll have one long run, and the other alternating between a tempo run one week and a medium long marathon pace run the next. I've never really done any tempo runs or speedwork of any kind other than the bridge, so that should be interesting. I think I'll have three 20+ milers and 6-8 weeks over 50 mpw.

How does that sound? Too ambitious? Training plan not difficult enough?



jamoosh said...

I don't think you'll need three twenty+ milers prior to San Antonio, one should be sufficient. I am going to be doing repeats to get my times down - may even do them on the "bridge" to supplement the hill work. One of the guys I coach with did repeats last year and took an hour off his marathon time.

I'm going to do Dallas, but not so sure about San Antonio.

bill d said...

sounds like a good plan to me.