Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where do all my pens go? I buy them all the time!

  • Friday, dinner and drinks with JD and Jaclyn and Broadway Joe. It was a lot of fun, and incidentally, I am not very good at drinking. I was half drunk after only half a beer.

  • Saturday, 4 miles long run with the club on Saturday morning.

  • Sunday, 3.1 miles consisting of 14 laps around the little track at school.

  • Also Sunday, 300 meters in the pool. Is that good or am I out of shape for swimming? What is it like for normal people when they first start swimming? I'd swim 25m across the pool and have to wait at the other end for several minutes before crossing back. A couple times I tried to go back right away and I couldn't make it and had to stop and doggiepaddle it back in shame.

  • I wish I had more time for swimming and other sports as well. Like ping-pong and bowling and pool and skating and more running too.

    I'm very excited about going to the Cirque du Soleil on Thursday night. And next week we'll go see Itzhak Perlman with the Houston Symphony. I have to admit, I'm budgeting very well this month. Those two things aren't cheap, and I had to pay 700$ for the rediculous UH fee bill this month also. But I've been ordering from the value menu and packing a lunch every now and then too. How very mature of me! WTG Keith!



    Heather said...

    Is that how much the fee bill will be or is that something special they do for the Keiths out there...Oh I hope it is the later!!!! Oh, Monkey B keeps taking the pens.I caught him the other day....You need to get that monkey off yo back man!!! :) Miss the lab...I need to come in and visit and work when you guys are actually there. When is that anyway?

    Crosstrain said...

    I swim like you. I'm not out of shape for swimming, I'm just bad.

    WalkSports.com said...

    Blogger ping-pong tournament? I'm in. I could beat Quarles in something without having to outrun him.

    Anonymous said...

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