Saturday, April 01, 2006

6 miles - and an analysis of the accuracy of my gift.

Here are the stats for my run this morning:

1 : 9:11
2 : 9:12
3 : 9:13
4 : 9:02
5 : 9:21
6 : 9:36
Total : 6 miles in 55:39
Avg Pace : 9:16

Yesterday I used my gift of foresight into the near future to predict that I would average about 9:15 for this run. That pace seemed a little ambitious, and maybe a little unwise for me at this point, because of my lingering foot problems, but I can't really help that, I sees what I sees.

I ran with the club, and tried to keep up with the faster group for the first four miles, which explains the pace, and the last two I did by myself and slowed down a bit. I guess my predictions were pretty close, and I was right, my foot did (and still does) feel alright, so I am hopeful. Wow, I should use my gift more often - but only for good - I vowed that a long time ago.

This afternoon ... I will go to the grocery store ... to buy some more Rice-a-Roni, and I'll be impressed with the many varieties, and I'll debate the strengths and weaknesses for a very long time ... I'll forget to buy dog treats ... when I get home, I'll be moderately disappointed when the episode of Stargate that comes on will be one I've seen already ... Florida beats George Mason ... LSU beats UCLA ... That's all I sees right now.


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Dave Smart said...

Don't know if you see a baby in your future.....but those baby mittens on your link could come in handy one day- my 3 boys left little involuntary, bloody scratches on their faces when tiny, as their little finger nails are like razor blades at that tender age.