Thursday, April 13, 2006

4 miles - maybe I'm not a geek.

I missed the group run on the bridge this morning because of a mis-programmed alarm clock. But I still got my four miler in eventually, when I woke up on my own.

Last night, I tried to regain my "G-card" by rewiring my spare power supply to fit my Dell MOBO, and my computer still didn't work. I guess I could have done it wrong, but since it seems to have the same problems as using the old power supply, it looks like the problem is with the motherboard instead. Maybe it's time I got another one, it is about 8 years old, and changing the motherboard is not likely to be easy since it has to fit all that old hardware. A friend of my Mom's just got a refurbished computer through, and he says it's good enough, and fairly cheap, so maybe I'll do that, or my boss says he might give me his old one.

So, maybe I'm not a geek. Since I can't fix my computer with spare junk that's lying around and lots and lots of electrical tape, and I can't even seem to program an alarm clock properly.

I didn't try to fix my computer last week because I felt like I needed a break from it, but now it's getting frustrating.

Shake it like a polaroid picture.


Holden said...

Press the EASY button. It's the big bubbly red one. :)

Jill said...

G-card? Yeah, you're a geek!!