Sunday, April 02, 2006

The start of the 4 milers ...

Alright, so I feel well enough to kick it up a notch. BAM!

4 milers from here on out, until I feel ready for 5 milers, or until I croak.

I had the opportunity to run with some friends this morning, and almost took it. But, they wanted to go 6, and I only wanted to go 4, and since starting at 6AM meant getting up at 4:45 (which was really 3:45), I passed. I should have though, since the alternative was oversleeping, and running 4 in the heat of midday.

I decided that my new shoes looked a little too clean and white, so I ran down on the Seabrook trails today. I got started pretty late, and it was about 79F already, and sunny. I had it all planned for a one mile extension to a normal 3 mile route, but it came up short. Anyways, I ran until my GF said it was 4 miles. She and I will take a break for the next few weeks. She keeps pushing me to go faster, and I keep telling her that I'm not ready for that. Having a GF can be hard on the old body.

So here's some data to compare to my pace after a few weeks of four milers - provided I don't crash and burn before then.

27 March - 1 April (after 4 weeks of 3+ miles per day)
3 mile daily runs - average pace = 9:41
6 mile run - average pace = 9:16

Keith out.

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Barbara said...

Getting ready to run. That's right - at 3:30am in the morning (as far as I'm concerned).

You got a Garmin!!! All Right!!!

gotta go.