Thursday, April 06, 2006

4 miles on el bridgio

It's been a long time since I've been back on the Kemah Bridge with the gang from the club. But now that I'm up to 4 miles per day I can run two loops and I won't have to explain why I stopped running on the wrong side of the bridge. It felt pretty rough out there, but I actually kept a good pace, running 4.01 miles in 35:58 - possibly a record for me.

I'm pretty happy with this first week at 4 miles per day. I was concerned about my foot problems returning, but my new choos seem to be working out better than my last pair.

My qualifier is tomorrow. Everyone telling me to relax is making me nervous. I was relaxed. And then I'm off to sunny Florida for a few days of running along the golf courses and beaches all the while thinking of you poor bastards. I'll try to log in and report here the final verdict on my exam, and whether I get to keep my job or whether I have to start posing as a male model to make money.

For Dave:
I think if you were having power supply problems it would be more severe, like randomly shutting off or smelling like burnt wires. I don't know what the problem is but you may have too many things running at the same time and maybe some spyware and stuff on there too robbing you of all your CPU time. Have you tried running "Spybot Search and Destroy"? It's a free program and something I run every couple of months or so to remove those kinds of things. Or it could be a virus, but it definitely sounds to me like it's a software thing rather than a hardware thing (unless theres a bunch of gunk built up on the mouseball :)).

Anyways, if it ain't loose, then shake it loose! (That's my new signature line.)

4 comments: said...

Now you may enjoy running in the warm weather. I, for one, don't.

So you can run on the beach, but this damn bastard :) will be thinking about all the other ones as I'll be running in cool weather still!

Gotta love BC!

"mfuet" ... couple letters short of a mullet?

david said...

be nervous; don't drool; there is something stuck in your teeth; a sweat ball is on the tip of your nose... now will you relax!

Jill said...

Male model?! Hmm....not sure if I should wish you luck or not! Just kidding - best of luck!

Dave Smart said...

Thanks for the computer tips. I will try the spyware thing. In addition to the dragging mouse, it gets these "out of memory" problems (luckily [for me], this is a family computer) where the screen turns black-- the monitor may be going out, or it needs new/different video drivers....will try the spyware deal doesn't help that it's a 350 P2 processor with 256 mg RAM....ancient.