Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back from vacation.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for everyone's comments about my qualifier. I'm so relieved to have gotten it over with, I can't even describe it. It's a bit of a miracle that I've behaved myself in training and dieting all this time.

My vacation was nice. It was pretty busy and there were always things to do, but it was still a good break from my work. And I enjoyed running in the new environment. The weather was great, and I understand it was pretty nice here too. I ran everyday, just as planned, although I did push my 8 miler back to Sunday instead of Saturday, because I slept in a little too long on Saturday. That run went well, much better than I expected since it was the longest run since the Surfside half. And there were four milers on the other days. And somehow since I was gone, we've lost a couple of my favorite blogs, so that's a little sad. I know how it goes though, I sometimes want to hang up my bloggerID too. It's strange to feel pressure to do such a silly thing like blogging. Not to mention how difficult it is to keep up on everyone's blogs, and to keep making clever comments like, 'nice word verification word.'

Okay, back to running. For some reason I was a little spent this morning, and it took a little extra effort to get my butt out the door. The article that suggested I run every day predicted I'd have a difficult week the second week at a new mileage level, so I guess this is it. Hopefully it will get easier. I'll run the bridge tomorrow morning.

And as it turns out, I'll be without my computer for a while longer. My spare power supply is insufficient to power my computer because it's a Dell and they've modified the standard ATX form factor in several stupidly unnecessary ways, so I'm going to have to find and 8 year old Dell power supply or make an adaptor or get a new motherboard or do something else I haven't thought of yet.

There was something else I wanted to mention, but I don't remember what it was. And I want to go home now, and can't blog from home... dammit.

Keith out.

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elf said...


Congrats on passing the qualifier! I know what a load off that is--I defended my dissertation back in August. Hope you enjoyed your vacation--you earned it!

Hope to see you on the roads...