Tuesday, April 04, 2006

4 miles for Monday and another 4 miles for Tuesday.

Yesterday, I ran like that guy that was possessed by that bug in Men In Black. Rather, I jumped around, stomping my feet, running like a monkey runs. Not intentionally, of course. Today was a bit rough too, but not as rough, but still rough, just less so. Whatever enthusiasm I was riding last week is missing this week. The last two miles this morning, I started to find my rhythm again.

But then I came home to find out that my computer has died. I think it's the power supply. Not a huge problem - it's replaceable. But, because of that, I'm blogging from work, something I try not to do. But it's after five dot dot zero zero, and I was pretty productive today, so I don't feel too bad about it. My presentation for my qualifier is just about finished. Unfortunately, I'm probably going to go bananas before Friday.

Actually this running streak has kept me on level ground for the most part. Usually this type of stress would be my excuse to slack off on my running and dieting. Also, the overwhelming success of the 'ice cream counter' has been a bit of a surprise. I think I'll start a 'Pizza counter' and maybe a 'Snack cracker counter' too. Then I would be unstoppable. Like Hannibal with the elephants. Unless things go awry, and I wind up floating down the amazon with an army of tiny monkeys at my feet.

I'm going to leave my computer in it's currently dead state for a while.

Here's a little something to cheer you up.

Rock on.


Barbara said...

Technically, it's five-dot-DOT-zero-zero. But I promise not to give up your secret that you can't tell time.

I'm just overcome with grief that such a fine, upstanding citizen is being railroaded. He's innocent I tell ya!

Dirt Runner said...

I guess Tommy will have to go back to working with the bugs or is that the position he's leaving. It's hard to tell the two apart.

Dave Smart said...

Are you still on your streak?? Way to go!

I noticed on your Cool Running link that Deena Kastor set a half marathon US womens record in Berlin, but still got beat (18 sec) by a Kenyan woman named Edith. I think you should post a poll about what year the Americans will consistently beat the Kenyans in distance running.