Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4 miles - 45 day streak

So, I told you my power supply on my computer is shot. Here's how much of a geek I am - I was looking through my drawer for something totally different, and I found another computer power supply. I don't remember where it came from, but it's the right form factor and everything.

I'm not going to fix it yet though, I'm tired of computing. I'll just update my blog quickly from work.

I ran another 4 miler this morning, and yes Dave, I'm still streaking. Whoo hoo - look away! 45 days. Things are starting to feel better - motivation wise. I'm going through a rough patch, where I have trouble remembering why I bother doing any of this. But things seem to be improving. Two more days, and my qualifier will be behind me, and I can quit obsessing about that. I had a practice presentation for some graduate students this afternoon and it seemed to go okay. There are a few points where I need to think about what I need to say because it gets complicated and I stumble around a bit.

Right after my qualifier, on Friday night, I'll be on an airplane out of here. I'll spend four days or so in sunny Florida and I'll visit my family, and we'll have a party for my gramma who will be 85 on Sunday.

Did I mention that you Rock?!
Keith out.


Dave Smart said...

So does your streak end on Friday? I think I will start the 5 milers tomorrow (up from 4)-- no marathon streaks though, but I think 5-6 days a week will be fine for me here on out, with one day of Intervals per week.

Question- if a mouse drags/freezes alot on a computer (Windows ME OS), can a dying power supply cause that (fyi- the graphics slide adjustment doesn't cure it). Or, does the power supply just go out all at once, or can it fade from time to time before it dies? I know you didn't sign up for troubleshooting, but Just curious, since we're on the subject. I thought you might know the answer, since not everyone has extra power supplies laying around, or even know what one is :)

Holden said...

Have fun in Florida!

Word verif. xddctbud

Susan said...

Streaking? I thought I came to the right blog! And yes, I think that qualifies you for geekliness.