Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who will cover?

I've got 10 dollars that says Broadway Joe breaks 2:00:00 in his half this weekend.

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Vic said...

No way I'm bettin against Joe. Not after that 22:49 at the RTW. He's on track to do well below 2 hours. Good luck finding a sucker to take that bet.

Humble Runner said...

C'mon Keith, turn the heat up. I'll bet ten dollars PLUS a steak dinner that Gramps, er I mean Joe runs a sub-1:49.

Keith said...

That's an interesting option, Bill.
I think sub-1:49 is a stretch at this point, no offense to Joe.

If you're serious, I'll take it.

Humble Runner said...

Let's Rock!

PS> I like my steak medium-well done.

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Keith said...

Deal! no takebacks.

I think Joe might be capable of a 1:49, but does Joe think that?

JoeC said...

Damn you guys. I'm going to have to buy either way. Besides, no bets or I lose my NCAA eligibility. Keith has seen this horse fade in the 12 mile stretch, so he's got inside information Bill. Those pace predictor charts are crap for us Clydesdales. What do I think? I think I am running on Sunday and will get a finishers medal.

Humble Runner said...

Wonder if Joe would believe that I didn't get my time from a projection calculator. I gauged it off of my 5k vs 13 mile time as compared to his. Trust me, there is a lot of difference in our times... in Joe's favor.

Anonymous said...

I've got Gramps in the mid to high 1:30's. C'mon Gramps, don't let me down! Gramps rocks!

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