Sunday, August 06, 2006

How about a steak dinner?

Oy Vey!

My friend from Japan asked me to check his english on something he was writing for a job application, so I said "sure." He didn't tell me it was 10 pages long! I think I'm going to get a steak dinner out of the deal, though, so that's good. That goes for any of you out there, if you need your english checked, one steak dinner will cover it.

What else would I do for a steak dinner?
  • Call in sick for you.
  • Care for your dog or cat for a few days.
  • Ambush the person of your choice with a pie in the face. And I can yell something crazy like, "LIVE IN THE NOW, MAN!"
  • Buy you a steak dinner.
  • Pace you through a marathon for half way or something, provided I can keep up.
  • Write a custom blog template for you.
  • ... and lots of other things. Make me an offer.

    BTW, I ran 5.5 in La Porte this morning. I felt better after I finished than before. I was a little stiff and achey from yesterday's long run. 47.5 miles this week, not bad for being a little burnt out. :)

    Listening to: Seal - Crazy (In a world full of people, only some want to fly, Isn't that crazy?)


    Steve Bezner said...

    I had a steak dinner just last night! New York Steak Strip, ummm. You know it's mandatory for us runners to keep our iron up!

    Holden said...

    Wait, aren't you a vegeterian?