Sunday, August 13, 2006

17 miler and a 5K PR

As you've probably heard already, I ran a 5K PR yesterday at Run the Woodlands #159. I ran it in 23:09, which is 38 seconds better than my PR at the Astros run in May. So, doing a few quick calculations, I've determined that the world record will be mine on February 12, 2010, and just because I'm a hopeless romantic, I might just do it on Valentines Day, and I'll dedicate my race to all the chicks that broke my heart, and I can tell them all to "stick it!" But these calculations also mean, unfortunately, I won't be elite in time for Beijing, but there will be a good buffer before London, so if I have a setback, like getting the flu or getting real fat or something, I'll still be okay for London.

It was good to see many of my HRB friends yesterday, you rock!

I was a little worried going into the race, because I've been feeling a little slow, and because I guaranteed a PR on the messageboard, and that's kind of a stupid thing to do in August in Texas. But I pulled it off, so I'm pleased. It's pretty clear that I've never been in better shape than right now. I did partake in one ice cream sandwich yesterday, so I reset the ice cream counter. But then, I figured I might as well have a second one, because if I have to reset it, I should reset the hell out of it! So I had two.

The only problem, and it could be a big problem, is that I could feel some familiar pain in the bone we do not speak of, starting at about the 1.5 mile mark yesterday. So, I'm a pretty worried about that, as I know it has the ability to trash my crazy marathon plans. This morning, it was okay, for the whole 17 miles, and it seems to hurt most when I'm walking around barefoot. Perhaps my running shoes support me too well, and allow my feets to become weak. Perhaps I should do something to strengthen my feets so my feets don't fail me at an inopportune time.

Joe carried me through some of the difficult miles late in the run today. Thanks Joe!

On a different topic, this morning, right before I started out on the trails, one shooting star reminded me that yesterday was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, and I kicked myself for forgetting all about it. Unfortunately, it was mostly washed out by the 73.3% full moon, and I didn't conclusively see any more. I think there were several more, but if they're too dim and too fast its difficult to say for sure.

Lastly, for no reason, here is a video of a monkey and a dog.

Listening to: Beck - High Five (High 5! More dead than alive! Rocking the plastic like a man from the Catskills!)

Rocking the plastic like a man from the Catskills.


Humble Runner said...

It’s odd that you mention shooting stars. I saw two shooting stars early this morning (~5am). The second one had a significantly longer trail than most I’ve ever seen.

Congrats on the 17-miler.

Bar-Bar-A said...

I'm going to assume that bad boy bone is somewhere in a foot of yours. Wikipedia didn't bother to mention if it was a foot bone, head bone, elbow bone, or dog bone.

Unless I read the article too fast and skipped right over that part, which is always a possibility.

Steve Bezner said...

That's a great clip, but I asked the Monkey Budday if he liked it and all he said was his source from beyond the grave was to proceed. I then refreshed and asked him what that meant and he replied, "he doesn't know the answer, but he wants to take this opportunity to give a shout out to his homeboys.."

atownrunner said...

You Rock! Congrats on the PR and the excellent monkey video.

Vic said...

The bone that we don't talk about? Good thing I know what you're not talking about. Great PR. Very Larry Bird'esque a la "I guarantee a win tomorrow!"