Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kemah Bridge

6 miles from 3 laps on the old bridge.

I just updated my other running log, the one I got from, and I've already got 322 miles on my new shoes. This is getting expensive.

Can't think of any clever crap this morning. I think my air conditioner is dying. The temp in here is 82 and climbing.

Listening to: Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line (For you I know I'd even try to turn the tides.)

Keith out.


Bar-bar-a said...

Do you use the worksheet in there that estimates the fastest you could run a marathon in each week? I altered it so that I can see how fast I'd run a half marathon each week and then have it average for the first 26 weeks vs. what the 2nd 26 weeks will end up at.

Keith said...

I've seen the "Parrot Predictor" but I hardly ever time myself anymore, so it's not much use.

How can you alter it?
I try to change some things and it won't let me do anything without a password.

Heather said...

Admit it! I am your muse and you are not clever without me. Don't worry! I will be there tomorrow! :)

Keith said...

I admit it. You're like the world's most inspirational papercut.