Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More running...

I think I ran yesterday, 5 miles. I don't quite remember, I think I ran my usual route, and it was hot. Yes, I'm sure of it, I ran. The alternative is unthinkable. I must have run. It's Tuesday right? Yes, I must have run Monday, of course I must have, I run everyday. Just because I don't remember it doesn't mean it didn't happen. If I didn't run, I'd remember it.

I ran 5.4 miles this evening with some peeps from my club that run on Tuesday nights. It was a nice route through some very upscale neighborhoods and a private country club golf course. It was quite complicated though, I think if I gmapped it, it would look something like a funnel cake.

Blog blog blog blog blog. What to blog, what to blog. Hmmm.

Listening to: Ben Folds - Learn to Live With What You Are (All you need is the thing you've forgotten.)

Keith tired.

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Vic said...

You ran! Believe me!