Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 good miles, 5 okay miles

I had 5 good miles yesterday morning. It was one of those runs where I wished I had brought my watch, because I think I was going pretty fast. 5 miles this morning was less fun, still fun, but less so.

I asked my friend monkeybuddha to help out and give people advice on my blog. And the very first day he started he told my friend to send an email to everybody, with a rather inappropriate heading in the subject line! And I recently asked him about my future and stuff, and he told me to "put some ointment on it."

I think I'll give him a chance to improve. He's supposed to be enlightened, but I guess he's still a monkey. He is able to use the internet, so that's pretty good.

Listening to: Ella Fitzgerald - Dream a Little Dream (Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you; Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you)



Vic said...

Lost on the whole monkeybuddah thing. Sorry. Please explain!

Keith said...

He's a fortune teller monkey. He's on the right column.