Sunday, August 27, 2006

2 day streak!

I ran a 10 miler yesterday and 5 more today.

You might be wondering "What's up with my foot?" It's been feeling okay. Yesterday's run was a shortened version of what I should have been running, and I had 3 days off this week, so I guess it's helping. I think it stems from the RTW5K a couple weeks ago. I can run lots of miles, but when I try to run fast, I get beat up pretty bad. I talked to some dude from Koala about it yesterday after the group run, and he said to stretch it and ice it and elevate it, which is what my friend Tonia has been saying for weeks. I'm not quite sure how to stretch that part of my foot, those bones don't move that much. It's like stretching my skull, how do I do that?

Today, I ran 5 miles down on the Seabrook trails, and I ran into Coach Rick of the CLFC, who was just setting out on his 3rd loop. We ran together for about a mile and apparently at one time, he had his own running streak going, which was about 3 years long!

We'll see if I get another streak going. It does seem to me that it's not as conducive to this phase of marathon training, when I'm doing some very long runs. It served me well to keep me focused for the base-building phase. More importantly it allows me to sidestep some weaknesses of mine. On that issue, I'm considering posting my theories about exactly what is wrong with my brain. Would anyone like to read that one? I could post my theory on what's wrong with my brain, and maybe I could get some of my friends to give their own theories. That would be fun.

Listening to: Faith No More - Zombie Eaters (I'm helpless; I'm flawless; I'm a machine)

Keith out!


Barbara said...

I was afraid to comment on your streak ending the other day. Last time I did, turns out I was wrong and your streak hadn't really ended. So I needed to hear you say it a couple of times.

I think I will go for a 4-day running streak - last Saturday, this morning, Monday and Tuesday.

Vic said...

I think your brain is just ahead of its time. That sound like a good theory?