Friday, August 11, 2006

Beat the drums.

I'm excited about the 5K!
I love all the references to Miracle, and to Saint Blogger's Day. It should be fun, and I'm not settling for the moral victory just yet. We'll see how many people actually show up, and on the right day, which of course is Sunday Saturday (I'm worried somebody might actually fall for that little joke ;) ).

Just to catch up, my streak was in jeapordy, but I did manage to keep it alive. I ran 3 rubbery miles on Wednesday night at around 10 PM. I felt horrible the whole time, I don't know if it was the change in schedule, or the pinchos de carne, or the pinchos de pollo, or the rapé con miel, or the serrano and manchego, or the goat cheese thing, or maybe it was the b'stilla, or perhaps the flan or the chocolate flan or maybe even the tres leches, I'm not sure, but whatever it was I felt real bad that night.

Then I got back into the morning schedule yesterday morning with 5 miles and this morning with 4 miles.

We'll see how well I can do tomorrow. I haven't been doing any speedwork, but I wasn't doing any speedwork when I set my PR, so, you know, maybe I can do it. And it will be pretty warm out there, but it was pretty warm back in May when I set my PR, so, you know, maybe I can do it. I haven't been feeling very fast lately, though, so, you know, maybe I can't do it, but then again, maybe I can.

Listening to: Masaharu Sato - War Drums from Seven Samurai

See you all tomorrow.


Heather said...

I feel so bad for keeping you out so late....On top of that forcing you to take part in the food orgy was just not right...Maybe I should stay away and you could actually get something done...........Nah, I enjoy making you suffer!

Day Dreamer said...

Great post! :) I'm sure you can do it on Sunday. Sorry I won't be out there, but it sounds like it should be a fun time.

Keep it up!

Vic said...

Seeya Sunday, dude!

Vic said...

You know we're smarter than that, Keith!!! You

Keith said...

I know Vic, but one time, last April Fools Day, we had a seminar, and I posted a note on the door, written in green marker in big silly letters, that said something like, "no jurnel club today, or actually there is jurnal club but its at the liberry so you shud go ther now!" And my friend, despite his 20+ years of schooling, went to the library.

JoeC said...

Those drums are so great, I'm going to rent the movie.