Monday, January 29, 2007

me - healthy < ε

Okay, the corner I turned last week as I got healthy got unturned and I got real sick again, but then got returned and I'm approaching healthy once again. I'd say I'd be arbitrarily close to healthy tomorrow, and I'll start running again.

I took the whole weekend off from running and from all strenuous activities and it seems I missed the last chance for a quality long run before the Surfside Marathizzon. I know it's my fifth marathon in five months, but I still feel guilty when I don't reach the goals of my training plan.

I finally got my certificate from Dean's Race in the mail last week. It looks pretty official, I don't think Roger Soler will have a problem attributing it to my TMC. And I also got my TMC singlet from Roger Soler and it's very nice. Weather permitting, I'll wear it next weekend in Surfside as I run straight into the history books.

And I've been thinking about the goals for next year, I have tons of ideas and many of them drift away never to return, so before I make them public, I usually wait until one of them digs a hole and solidifies itself in somewhere in my melonpulp. So the plan is to follow one of the 'advanced' marathon plans, maybe Pfitzinger, and focus on a winter marathon, and shoot for the 3:50 - 4:00 range. My PR is 4:17, so it seems like a good goal. Let me know if you think it's too easy or too hard for me.

I think I'll plan to run Marathons of Texas, and hopefully one of those three days, the weather will be good and the nine golden keffeshlumps will be vibrating at the perfect frequency, and I'll have a good race.

I am already a little excited about training for it, but I always start too early. Any more than 6 months of focused training is just too much to ask. I'll try to enjoy some down time and stay around 30 mpw for a while. And no more racing for a while. I like running aimlessly.

Anyway, take care.
Love, Keith.

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Jason The Running Man said...

I found your blog off another site. I look forward to following it. I've only been running consistently since May of 2006 but have really got the bug.