Monday, January 22, 2007

Yo-Yo Rocks

Since I posted on Wednesday, I think I've done some running. I must have.

I know I ran on Saturday, 6.75 miles with the club. It seemed like everybody had some extra energy that day and were trying to drop me.

Did I run another day too? I think so, maybe Friday? I remember running by those crazy Jack Russel terriers one day, so I think it was probably 4.4 miles on Friday morning. Ah yes, now I remember, I was going to run Thursday night, but instead, we got tickets to see Yo-Yo play with the Houston Symphony, so I ran Friday morning - my 4.4 mile route that goes by the Jack Russel house. Incidentally, Yo-Yo Rocks!

And then I ran this morning and I felt really strong. I think I was going fast, but I didn't have my watch, so who knows. I haven't worn my watch in a long time, now that I want to use it I can't find it.

What else, what else...

Oh, my club had a party on Saturday night, and everybody was going to be there, even my long lost friend Tonia, and there was going to be a slideshow and catered food and everything, but I didn't make it there because I'm stupid. I copied the map and left off the label for one street - which totally messed everything up because there were like one hundred other possible streets, so I drove around like a drunken fool in the rain for at least 90 minutes.

FYI: Emails from the Surfside Marathon say they're more than 72% full, when last week they were 62% full, so if you're thinking about registering, you should probably do it this week. Plus, I've been telling people to register before it fills up for a couple days already. I already told my entire club and my friend Yong.



Shigeo said...

Hi, Keith. When are you coming to Japan to run?

Heather said...

So it is your fault Yong ran so far and hurt himself! BAD KEITH!!! Now he has blog proof. I hope he takes you for all ya got...well, what you have in 10 years. :)