Thursday, January 25, 2007

Turned the corner

Well, I think I'm finally starting to get better. I worked out way too much and got a cold at the same time, which left me almost incapacitated for all of yesterday.

The worst part was when I was hobbling home from work early, walking through the cold rain, hunched over from sore / tight muscles and shivering. My abs were painfully sore and I couldn't stop shivering, it was so unpleasant.

Now, my cold isn't really better, just different, less headachey, more sore throaty. And my muscles still hurt real bad, but at least I can use them, and getting off the sofa takes less than 10 minutes. My friend Heather thought my condition was quite funny yesterday, and I have to agree, it was funny in a pathetic wet towel kind of way.

But I feel compelled to warn you about something. If you ever find yourself home in the middle of the day, there's a television show that is so horribly evil, just thinking of it now is bringing back all the pain of watching it. It's called Games Fever and it is the worst thing ever created, and I couldn't stop watching it. The whole show was a game where people were calling in to read the evil hostess' mind. She wrote down a word and you were supposed to guess it, and the clue was that it is part of the phrase "Back _". So you call in and guess things like "back door" and "back hair" and that was the whole show - for 30 minutes. And at least 3 people said "backstage" and each time she said it was a very very good guess. And they take a caller only once every 3-4 minutes and the rest of the time the hostess is explaining the clue over and over and over. It's so painful. And then at the very end (as I mentioned, I couldn't stop watching it), she gave a clue so they would surely get it, so she said, "in a theater, this is the term for the seats lined up in the very back." And they took one more caller and the caller said "backstage" and she said it was a very very good guess. (Just so you can sleep tonight I'll tell you, it was "back row")

Anyway, gotta go.


jamoosh said...

You must get better. Beer vs. Beer approaches!

Heather said...

I miss Monkey!!! Sorry your day went to poorly. I would have been more evil if I knew that! JJ