Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm getting nervous...

It's a very exciting time to be a runner in Houston. Pasta Parties, Packet Pickup's, EXPO's, trying to relax, trying to distract myself. I'm happy to be in marathon shape (or at least close enough). I remember past years, when I wasn't and I'd be all jealous of the people who could run the whole way.

I have so many things to do this Saturday. I need an oil change and I have to go to the store and buy a power drill and a coffee maker, and I have to clean my house a little, and fix my couch with my new power drill, and I think I might just blow it all off and do that stuff on Monday. I should just be lazy and laze around the house and watch movies and do lazy guy stuff. I had to put together another piece of Ikea furniture for one of my old lady friends again last weekend, and it takes a couple hours and tires me out. If she comes by again, I think I won't even answer it. And I even told her last weekend, I said, "I don't have a lot of time today," but then she just gave me some list of restrictions to her own schedule, none of which actually gave me more time, and I eventually gave up and said "okay, I'll do it." And then she said she'd give me 55$ to put together the bed and to move her gigantic hide-a-bed couch, and by the end, I guess she forgot how much she said because it turned into 30$, and she even said 25$ at one point in the conversation. But she only had 20's so she'll give me 10 more at a later time maybe. Anyway, I've been amusing myself endlessly, everytime I see her, by mumbling under my breath, "bitch owes me money."

Okay, sorry about that. You shouldn't have gotten me started talking about the old ladies. What was I talking about? I don't even remember.

I've been running.
8 miles with the club, as we taper.
7.3 miles while I did my laundry on Monday morning.
6 miles last night at Mizzorial Pizzark.

I'll probably run 3 easy miles tomorrow morning, pickup my packet at lunchtime, carbo-load with the bloggers at the pisketti warehouse, and on Saturday, I'll be lazy and watch movies and eat bananas. Sunday, I'll shock the world.

That's all for now. I'll probably be better about blogging from now on, probably.
Love, Keith.


TX Runner Girl said...

I think doing lazy "guy" stuff sounds much better than fixing the couch or putting together Ikea furniture! Good luck on Sunday!

Holden said...

Hey, welcome back.

JustJunebug said...

Its about time. :O)

See you at pizgetti warezhouzza..Jeez i cant even do THAT right!

Dirt Runner said...

Good Luck on Sunday and Rock On!

jamoosh said...

Yo dude, rock yourself on this Sunday. have a great run!

Steve Bezner said...

Good Luck tommorow Keith!