Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Houston Marathon - 4:27:50

The Houston Marathon was very nice. I was looking forward to this race for a long time. It burned me up last year and the year before at this time, when all those people were running like crizzazy and I wasn't fit enough for the full.

I had very little trouble until mile 20 or so, then it was difficult, as it should be. I felt better than expected, and I was worried because I haven't run as much as I would have liked since Sunmart.

It was very nice to run here, with so many people that I know. It was like "this is your running life" for me as I saw almost everybody I've ever run with. You guys rock, you know. And this city rocks too. I like so many things about Houston, it's become my home, and I was happy to run through the whole town in one day - the Heights, Rice Village, West University, the Galleria, Tanglewood, Memorial, Downtown, very nice.

I feel pretty good right now, better than usual for two days after the marathon.

I signed up for Surfside this morning, so it's decided, this is the last one for the TMC!!! I'm ready to be finished. I'm looking forward to a long period of aimless running with no goals or races or anything - just running for the sake of running - maybe another 6 month streak :).

There's a lot of ideas for next year's racing. I saw the Marathons of Texas jacket at the Expo, and it's really nice. It's very appealing to run those three. It seems like my base should be solid by now, so maybe I can think about some speedwork for next year. The question is, "do I go farther? or do I go faster?" (by faster I mean a faster marathon - not like a 5K, those still seem like cruel and unusual punishment for me)

more to come... (really, I promise)


Steve said...

Good to seeya out there this weekend Keith. Congrats on your TMC!

So what's up with the new look?

Holden said...

Nice to see you on the course!

equarles said...

Good seeing you at the finish line Sunday. Congrats!

Sarah said...

Way to go Keith! It was fun seeing you at the HRB pasta party and then out on the course on Sunday!