Saturday, September 30, 2006

Run a mile for those who have no passion.

11.5 miles this morning went very smoothly, no major malfunctions. A nice confidence booster that I was in need of. 3 miles yesterday, did I blog that already?

I went to see the Kaminari Taiko performance last night at Miller Outdoor Theater. You should go, it was great. There's one more performance tonight (Saturday), it's free. The performance also includes pieces by a group called Ordered Steps, who are a stepping group from this area, and they are great too.

I think the Taiko players and the steppers have some kinship with runners because they work so hard, practicing, choreographing, and perfecting their show, and they don't make any money. I'll bet their hobby ends up costing them money. I wonder if their friends understand why they put so much time into it, or if they see the beauty of their vision. Do they practice everyday? Are their free moments hijacked by thoughts of costumes and choreography and rhythms that build up to 10 drummers in perfect synchrony? They must also train their body, ordinary people would have been exhausted half way through the first song.

Are your free moments hijacked by training plans and exotic races in far away places? In the back of your mind, do you think you might just have a date with a certain hill (you know the one)?

It occurred to me that most people don't do anything like that. It's kind of sad.

So, beat those drums extra hard, play your guitar a while longer, run an extra mile for those poor saps that have no crazy dreams.

Listening to: Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint - The Sharpest Thorn (I wore my finest suit of clothes; The sharpest thorn defending the rose)



Heather said...

Yeah Keith!!!! It is sad for those of us that loose site of the "crazy dreams". I think everyone has them but as they age reality sets in and they think there is no way to materalize them. Prob is that the reality they set is all their own doing. Keep the dream alive man!!! Wat to go on your long run!!! So happy. You will do fine. I bet your beat the dude!!!!

JustJunebug said...

that was just what i needed to read.

so many people just dont "get" it, ya know?

TX Runner Girl said...

Hooray for us dreamers!