Monday, September 04, 2006

Here are some wierdos, Let's Fight!

Daytime teevee really sucks! I should go to work. Maury is doing a special on big fat babies - 5 yrs old - 212 lbs. They just keep bringing out more and more big fat babies! It's like there's no end, just one big fat baby after another, with their parents that like to scream things like "You don't know me!" "I don't overfeed him!" "You don't have kids! You don't know what it's like!" And I think Maury requires the babies be dressed in a half-shirt. Maury upsets me. Montel too. At least Springer didn't try to make himself out to be a saint. Jerry was all, "this is my show, here are some wierdos, let's fight!"

Anyway, I ran another loop on the trails this morning, and after 30 miles on those trails this weekend, I'm still not tired of them. I like it down there. I actually felt cold this morning, with a fairly strong wind coming off the bay, and I kept complaining to my training partner, Tonia, that I couldn't wait for summer. We ran easy and even stopped and hung out at Pine-Gully Park for a little while to watch the sunrise, it was beautiful. Speaking of Tonia, she rocks! She brought me some beans and rice and chocolate cake and cornbread, which officially makes her the greatest running partner on earth. :)

Another episode of Maury just came on, paternity test results revealed on air.

Listening to: Page & Plant - Nobody's Fault But Mine (Got a monkey on my back. Got a monkey on my back back back. Gonna change my ways tonight. Nobody's fault but mine )

Keith Keith Keith.


JustJunebug said...

beans and rice AND cake???

i want a running partner like that!!

Humble Runner said...

Whats up Keith?
Not much blogging from you lately.