Thursday, September 21, 2006


+ Two more loops at Memorial. Wearing my watch, trying to learn the pace.
- Dean's already running, and faster than he said he would.
- This race could be horribly embarrasing.
+ Saw Sam at the park, Hi Sam.
- Dog sick again.
- Not good.

My poor dog has occupied much of my energy for the last few days. He had been doing well since we went to the vet a couple weeks ago, but on Tuesday, he came down with another rediculously high fever, so it was back to the vet again. They did more blood tests which showed no problems with organ function, so it was unclear where the infection was. This vet thought it was possible there was a tumor, so we also did several x-rays of his abdomen, and they showed nothing obvious.

He's got some different antibiotics now, which are strong enough for blue whales, if in fact, he is infected by blue whales. It's difficult to say if he's improving. He's not interested in eating, and he's very very interested in drinking. He's drank so much, his stomach is distended. I'll talk to the vet in the morning, and see if it's a side effect of the medicine or something.

I've gotten pretty good at getting him to take his pills, I can do it on the first try. Or maybe, he's just realized that the whole ordeal will not end until those pills are in his stomach.

Listening to: Tenacious D - Jesus Ranch (I fell in love with a baked potato. That's when I started the dance, yeah. In France.)



Vic said...

Hey, thanks a lot for spreading the breaking news. I don't appreciate it. Still, the cat's out now. Guess I'd better get to running.

Keith said...

You posted it!

Humble Runner said...

This morning's AP report stated that Dean Karnezes has speed up his running in preparation for his duel in the sun with distinguished runner, Keith Kelleher.

Sorry 5-dog is ill again.

Your dog is not eating due to an illness. My dog doesn't eat, because she's a dumb ass and forgets. She is a nice dog, but she has serious "issues".

susie said...

If dogs quit eating when they're sick, they heal better. Kinda like people drinking only fluids when they're sick (fasting).

Reminds me of a story: One day my lazy kid didn't feed the dogs...then two. He's about to get it from me, when he says "Mom, they're fasting, and that's good for them." Crafty kid. I couldn't get mad.