Monday, September 11, 2006

The old ladies love me.

Well, yesterday (Sunday) was a nice lazy recovery day. I did get out and "run" a bit. Maybe a mile or a mile and a half total, but I really just wanted to get outside. I was down on the Seabrook Trails, and I mostly just ran a bit and walked and looked at all the crabs, and explored some of the primitive trails. Incidentally, I mapped out a nicely runnable little extension on the primitive trails near Hester Garden Park, which is where the new butterfly garden is. I'll have to lead my training partners through there next time, it's nice.

And yesterday evening, I spent some time with my old lady friends. There's a couple old ladies in my complex who love me, and always stop by everytime they need some furniture moved or some pictures hung. Yesterday, I guess they went to Ikea or somewhere, because they had a couple of gliding chairs that required some assembly, and they know just who to ask for assistance.

It's funny, you go to assemble a chair, and when you're there you actually find out that there is a chair to assemble, and a picture to hang, and the teevee reception needs to be adjusted, etc... And yesterday, the secondary project took 50 times longer than the primary project! Once I was there, old lady #2 asked me to assemble an entire bed frame with drawers and everything, the kind that starts out as just a bunch of boards and a mess of screws!

But I love old ladies as much or more than old ladies love me, so I did it. And we argued about how much they pay me, and I kept saying "you don't have to pay me" and they kept insisting. Old lady #1 is actually under the impression that she already owes me like $50 for something or other that I did in the past. I can't remember doing anything worth $50.

It occurred to me that it would be wildly funny to just say, "you don't have to pay me, you can just buy me dinner someday." And I could go to dinner with a really old lady. And at dinner, she'd wonder what was going on because I'd keep telling her she looks nice, and keep apologizing for being nervous, and then I could drop some hints that at some point she's going to have to meet my parents.

Listening to: Faith No More - RV (Besides listening to my belly gurgle. Ain't much else to do. Yeah, I sweat a lot. My pants fall down everytime I bend over. And my feet itch.)



Heather said...

You rock Keith...You made me completely laugh out loud....Thanks!

Jill said...

You never know - it might NOT make her nervous! Now, wouldn't that make you NERVOUS?

Too funny!

Bar-bar-a said...

Next thing we know, you're gonna start offering to babysit your friends' kids - you know that's the fastest way to pick up a chick.

A younger chick though. Apparently the older chicks dig someone who knows how to use a level.

The women in my family all live to their late 90's so if that's the case with your friends, you might be building Ikea furniture for a while...

Vic said...

You make me proud!

Humble Runner said...

Puttin' your mojo on the ladies... thats why we read your blog.

Welcome back, brother!

JustJunebug said...

you crack me up.

i wonder if i qualify as an old lady, because i need someone to move all my furniture around. its boring me.

Heather said...

no blog since monday...u are just getting lazy!!