Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All the good titles are taken.

So many things to discuss.

Work. For some reason, it's 10:15 PM, and I still feel like I should be working. And there's other stuff I need to be doing too, blogging is probably the last thing I should be doing, but I realize I have a responsibility to my peeps.

Dog. My baby boy is recovering pretty well. He's eating and his temp is fine. He's still drinking a lot for some reason, and peed in the house the other day! He doesn't do that, so I'm guessing some medication is throwing off his hydration instinct.

Jet Li's Fearless. Excellent movie. And a very nice retelling of the monomyth that I like to bore you about.

Running. Monday (3 miles), and Wednesday (5 miles). No more off days for me. I remember why I hate rest days, no more rest days for me. I found myself debating whether or not to take another rest day that I don't really need. And this morning, I was all Frankensteiny for like two miles before I found my rhythm. With too much rest, I forget that I'm a runner, and I have no trouble at all with a little 5 mile tour of the hood. One of these days, I might take a rest day, and then two, and then never run again. Flexibility in my training plan doesn't work, we'll just call that experiment a failure, and move on. Back to streaking for Keith.

Dean. Breaking 4 hours now!

Laptop battery is at 2% and the plugin doohickey is at work. Must publish or else!

Listening to: Björk - Hunter (I thought I could organize freedom)



Vic said...

Dean got beat the other day. Said he just couldn't catch her. Said she was a rabbit. Pretty good article in October's RW on Dean. Did you read it?

JustJunebug said...

man i sure am glad you corrected me on the spelling of doohickey.

i have been spelling it wrong my entire life :O)

yay for streaking!

Bar-Bar-A said...


I made the sidebar! Wooooooo hoo!