Saturday, September 16, 2006

I can be your hero, baby!

16 rough miles this morning. It got hot again, apparently.

From the AP:
Dean Karnazes starts his 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days tomorrow (Sunday) in St. Louis. 24 days from now, he'll be in Dallas running the White Rock course with some very inspirational and well-known Texas runners like Keith Kelleher and others.

One more week before my taper.
One more 20 miler to go.
One more challenge remains.

Readers of this blog are well versed in the monomythic hero's journey, so you know that the hero is challenged three times. I believe my first was overtraining. In June, at 6 miles per day, it was too much, and I was burning out, and had to cut back. The second was a recurrence of the pain in the bone we do not speak of. New shoes and some rest days seem to have kept that from becoming unbearable like it had last year right before the NYCM.

It's a bit of a miracle that I'm healthy and focused at this point in the training plan. Perhaps I have had some supernatural aid at some point, which is another common element in the monomyth.

But there's one challenge remaining. What will it be?

Listening to: Enrique Iglesias - Be Yourself (If you can't, can't be yourself what are you living for? You're gonna find someday you gotta run away. You gotta run, run, run away.)



Humble Runner said...

The final challenge:
Jack-in-the-boxes REVENGE!

jamoosh said...

Run on you inspirational runner!