Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pressing on...

Last week I posted a question as to whether I should kick the caffiene and junkfood and negativity and live the life as I should, or if I should stay on the edge, where there's always the risk of quitting running and getting world-record fat.

It's funny that the opinions expressed only slightly favored living the good life. :)

My friend Jenny, that I've been training with 'virtually' for a couple of years through coolrunning.com said that I seemed like a different runner, ever since the marathon. She noted, that just how I write about running seems like it's just an undeniable fact of life now, that will always be there, and I think she's right. My attitude has changed since the marathon. It's much harder for me to deny that I am in good shape. I know I'm not that fast, but I was running strong at mile 25, and it takes a lot of work to get there. Not everybody can do it. I'm never comfortable patting myself on the butt, but it's true. What happens next isn't even a question.

I know a proud and strong Keith isn't good for my hitcount. You never know though, maybe next week, I'll have a bad run, and my attitude will come crashing down. Maybe at that point, I'll melt up some ice cream and peanut butter and Velveeta and mainline it right in my arm! Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee! Velveeeeeeeeeta!!!!

Listening to: Robert Plant - Innuendo (Till the mountains crumble into the plain; Oh yes we'll keep on tryin'; Tread that fine line; Oh we'll keep on tryin' yeah.)



jamoosh said...

Mainlining sounds like to much work and you don't get the joy of that sweet, sweet bite of ice cream.

Vic said...

Give yourself a pat on the butt for me, Keith. And you still owe me a hug. People will talk!

Sarah said...

You're too happy. This blog sucks.

Ok, ok, just kidding.

Heather said...

You're getting too happy...I will fix that when you get to the lab!!! On a lighter side, I might need you to train me, I fell off the wagon...sickness then a test I think I bombed has put me in the no jogging for 2.5 weeks club....:( I need help!!!!

TX Runner Girl said...

Can you be happy and still have the ice cream & velveta?