Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If p->q, then q->p.

Elite guys run at least 70 mpw, so if I run 70, then I'm elite, right?

If you just joined us, I got the wild hare to run as many miles as I can this week, as the last week for intense training for the San Antonio Marathon, and somehow I settled on 70 miles for the week. I've had a couple weeks of recovery since my last marathon, so I'm feeling anxious, and I'm trying to desperately cram in a bunch of training in the last week before my taper.

After two days, I'm still on track, with 20 miles so far, but this is going to be very difficult. I'm already tired, and this morning, for some reason was even worse. I struggled through 4 miles around my house. This evening, I scheduled myself for 9 miles at Memorial, so I was concentrating all day on resting, hydrating, and fueling. I had a big salad for lunch, and I had some rice for lunch #2, and I had a few plums and some cake from my buddy Heather's birthday. I guess I did a good job preparing myself, because the 9 miles wasn't as hard as I had expected. Lap 2 was difficult, but somehow lap 3 was okay. Maybe it's because I saw Vic early in lap 3, and Vic Rocks! I'm pretty tired now though. I have a very early wakeup call tomorrow, so it should be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. My guess is not so energetic.

I'm considering running the half on Sunday. Barbara and Vic both mentioned it, and I'm not too good with peer pressure. I think if I had some friends that were into drugs in high school, I'd probably be a smack-addict right now. And everybody's running it.

But it's 40$. Is there a medal? The website doesn't mention one. And I wanted to run with my buddy Tonia, who can't make the group run on Saturday, and has to run on Sunday.

Listening to: System of a Down - Chop Suey (Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup (You wanted to); Why'd you leave the keys upon the table (You wanted to);)

Keith tired. Keith go sleepy now.


JustJunebug said...

I dont know if there is a medal or not, because well, I never get hardware so i dont ask such questions.

But you will be amongst friends!

Hope you made that early run this morning!

Barbara said...

If I tell you there's a medal, will that get you to the starting line? Lie, cheat, steal.....I'll do it all!

Hey, what you do get (I assume it's the same this year) is a very cool running shirt - it's a singlet and worth its money.

But perhaps most importantly, you will get to see me. That's right - Barbara Boone will be there. Everyone will be there Keith. Absolutely everyone.

You need to go! You need to run the half! Be part of the A crowd dude!

Anonymous said...

No medal, very cool running shirt. Pei Wei lettuce wraps. More door prizes than you can shake a stick at. Wierd Al playing at the post race party. OK, Dog Party Band playing at the post race party (they rock). $15k donation from the race to Assist The Officer.


Vic said...

How can you resist?

jamoosh said...

No medal. No medal. No Medal.
Apparently people feel there is a cool running shirt - we'll see. I am not too thrilled with the logo this year, but different folks and different tastes.

But the opportunity to hang with your running buddies - c'mon, how can you pass that up? What if I put some snack crackers in my pocket...