Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More running in the city.

7.3 miles yesterday, 5.4 miles today. I think I'm not quite recovered from the race. I've been starting to feel sore and achey after just a few miles. I'll keep it short tomorrow, and see if it helps. It's nice to get to know the whole city by running through it.

It was raining this morning, as I was heading out. I hesitated, and thought about spending some time on the hotel treadmills instead, but just then, the doorman told me to have a nice run in the rain, so I said, "okay thanks," and had to go. I ran from midtown to downtown and back. I mapped it here. Yesterday, I ran around Georgia Tech and Piedmont Park, and ran in some crazy circles and stuff because I only vaguely knew where I was going.

Geekfest is nice. Despite having accomplished nothing in this field, I've gotten to know a lot of people, and now there all scattered around, some in Minnesota, and Connecticut, and Austin, and Seattle, and Germany, and wherever. Everybody makes the trip back for the big Neuroscience meeting, and it's nice to catch up. I've seen almost everybody, with some notable exceptions, like my buddy Shigeo, who is stuck in Japan.

Tomorrow's the last day. It's a pretty exhausting thing. I'll be glad to get back home.

Listening to: Horatio Sans - Season's Greetings (I wish it was Christmas today.)


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