Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This big bump in mileage is an interesting experiment, you should try it.

I'm tired all the time, and I'm hungrier than I've ever been. I'm not sure if that part is psychological but they're making fun of me at work for having lunch and then having lunch #2 later on. I'm hungry, but somewhat nauseated too.

You know when your 75% through your long run, and your tired, but still running fast. And sometimes you even feel like you're coasting, and even picking up speed. That's what the last 3 runs have felt like the whole time. It seems like this training is probably very good for me, so long as I don't get hurt. I think it would be good for me to build mileage up to this point where I can do it for more than one week. It's something for me to think about for next year.

I ran 4.4 this morning, and 5 this evening. This day is the easy day and I was hoping it would be a little easier. I was curious as to my pace, so I took along Señor Limpio for my distance and splits. Tonights' five miler gave me splits of : 10:16 - 9:27 - 9:37 - 9:24 - 8:58.

It's very gratifying. I feel tired, but I can keep running, and it doesn't get much worse, and I seem to pick up speed.

Well, I'm zoning out and staring into space, so I think I should go to bed. The Kemah bridge is waiting for me in the morning. :|

Listening to: Nirvana - Stay Away (Give an inch, take a smile; Scratch an itch, scratch a style)



jamoosh said...

I did not see you post that you have succumbed to peer pressure and opted to pop over to Lukes Locker to register for the half. Be weak; give in!

Vic said...

Come register on Friday between 2 and close. I'll be there and I'll give you a special discount.