Sunday, January 08, 2006

My plan for the next year and a half

I ran 4 miles this evening around my neighborhood at what turned out to be a faster pace than I had planned. I meant to get up early and run, but I slept in instead. It's funny how my priorities change from the evening, when I plan my runs, to the morning, when it's time to get out of my warm Sunday morning bed. By the time I actually got out of bed, I had gotten 10 emails from the Disney Marathon, giving me split times for my friends Vicky and Tonia from the Clear Lake Fitness Club, and they had already finished!

Tonia was my training partner for many of our long runs as she was training for the MCM, and I was training for the NYCM, which were only a week apart. And now, we're both getting psyched about taking a run at the Texas Marathon Challenge next season, which consists of running 5 races of marathon distance or greater in one season.

So towards that end, I'm going to gear up for the full Seabrook Marathon this March, since the jump from 2 marathons in one year to 5, doesn't seem quite as crazy as 1 to 5.

So then, after Seabrook, of course there's 少し丘, and then the TMC.

Sounds like a lot of running now that I lay it all out like that.

Rock on.


jen said...

oooh....are you really going to the Mt. Fuji race? That's awesome!!

Keith said...


I'm going to Japan, mostly to visit my friends, but how could I not run this race?