Saturday, January 07, 2006

The end of the marathon training program

I ran 6 miles with the Clear Lake Fitness Club, for what I guess is the last official training run for their marathon program. The group is definitely a lot smaller than in July, but strangely enough, almost everyone that I actually remember from those first runs is still at it. Apparently my brain has the power to control peoples' injuries without conscious effort.

They also reminded everyone about the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay, that will be held on 19 March 2006. Although, I'm not sure there are very many bloggers who would want to come down and race me on my turf. That would be like racing Prefontaine at Hayward Field. But you could come down and volunteer, they mentioned that they would need volunteers too.

Coach Linda also talked a bit about mental strategies to combat the negative thoughts that will undoubtedly come at some point in the race. This reminded me a lot of the Cognitive-Behavioral stuff I learned about as an undergrad in Psychology at FSU.

Try these CBT techniques when the mental bugs bite:

Argue with your critic.
Your critic's argument is irrational. Combat it with the truth.
Thoughts like "I didn't train hard enough" are irrational. Don't try to argue with equally flawed statements like "I'm gonna win!" Negative thoughts are best combatted with more realistic dialog like "I trained as best I could, under the circumstances. I can't quit my job to train. I have so many other goals too." Is the winner the only one trained "enough?" What could your critic say to that?

Take note of your negative thoughts, but don't listen.
Disconnect your negative thoughts from your emotions. Imagine your thoughts, as if they were spoken to you, or read from a book. Visualize them written on the ground, and run over them. Leave them behind.

For me, negativity is my weakness. I'm a negativ-aholic.
Oops, I should say, "At times I can be overly-negative, but I shouldn't be because I do many things well, and people like me."

Rock on.


Sarah said...

I'll be doing Seabrook! Maaaaaybe the Half, if not, definitely the relay once I find a team. :)

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

i'm doing seabrook- sarah, i need a team too :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like an HRB team may be in order!

jen said...

I like those CBT strategies!