Saturday, January 28, 2006

15 miles in a cloud of dust

OMG! I wuz runnin and there was this medal ringy thingy on the road, but it wuz dark still, right, and then I guess I wuznt payin attenshun good enuff and I was all "WHAM" and everyone was all "are you alright?" and I was all "yeah, i'm okay" but on the inside I was like "man that was stupit" and now I got this razzberry on my elbow and some other tiny scrapes at varius places and stuff and then of course theres the deflated ego, which will probably take the longest to heal.

But overall it was a good run. I actually managed to get up early this morning. 4:10 AM to be exact. And I got the the park early and ran 3 miles before the group's 12 mile run. There is still a pretty decent size group, some of whom are preparing for the Austin Marathon, after running Houston a couple weeks ago, but many are just running for no specific reason.

About 1 mile into the group run is when I decided it was time to eat some pavement, but I wasn't bleeding too bad, so we continued down Nasa Road 1, over the bridge, and down the Kemah boardwalk and back. My friend Tonia ran with me for much of it, including all the difficult miles near the end. She was very helpful today, I think I mentioned before that she has the enthusiasm of 10 people. If I was alone, I might have given up and walked it in when things got difficult.

So, I brought my gf with me today, and I took some data on the bridge, like distance and elevation, so I could calculate the percent incline of the bridge. So the results say that it is approximately 80 feet increase in elevation from the base to the top, which was about 4.5% incline from the South side to the peak, and a 3.7% incline from the North side to the peak. I should probably collect these data points a number of times so I can average the results and get a more accurate result. I know the elevation data is most error prone, and considering that the reading I got at the base of the bridge said that I was 14 feet below sea level does suggest it's not perfect.

Rock on.


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

owwwwwwwwww. be careful!!! hope you are A-ok!

Sarah said...

I fell hard more than a year ago while training for the marathon. The spot where I landed on my elbow is still visible!