Friday, January 27, 2006

7.4 miles

3 miles during the wash cycle, 4.4 miles during the dry cycle.

One guy from the club emailed us about another race that I think I'll do. Has anyone done it? It's the Rocky Hill Ranch 25k/50k. I think I'd like to try a trail run with some hills and everything. I'd only do the 25k, but from what I've heard it's still somewhat difficult, and it's a little bit late in the year (April 30th), so it could be pretty hot.

It's really strange for me to be racing so much, I usually only race a few times per year, but now I've got three races planned in the next three months, and I'll probably do one of the 10k's too. I think the enthusaism of the other bloggers has rubbed off on me a little bit. I used to see races as more of an interruption in my training than anything else. At some point though, I might return to that form and quit racing for a while. There is something to be said for aimless running for running's sake.

Rock on.

3 comments: said...

Two folks from Seven Hills RC were saying yesterday that he had ran that (the other did the duathlon there) and that there were a lot of rocks on that course.

Hog's Hunt 25K is on April 1st at Huntsville State Park as a closer alternative perhaps. The only thing at HSP to worry about is tree roots.

Dave Smart said...

The Huntsville Race seems like fun...getting off road would be a welcome change of pace. The high school and college cross country races I ran were mostly on more or less flat grass courses- parks or fields. One of my all time top 10 training runs (years ago) was in Indiana, mostly over pine needles under the tree canopy in a national forest.

lisaleese said...

Selassie-wash: racing is addictive. Just don't hurt yourself :)