Monday, January 16, 2006

The Day after

I'm a little sore this morning and there's a new pain in my foot. But's it's a different foot, and a different place on my foot, so I'm not too worried about it. It'll probably be okay in a few days.

I think the walking took more of a toll than the running yesterday. I walked about 10 extra miles after the race, backwards along the course. I saw most of the bloggers and many of the club members from CLFC. I had intended to walk back to where the CLFC tent was, around mile 21-22, and I was hoping to catch a ride back to my car, but I never found them and had to walk all the way back too. I guess I won't whine too much, because other people were working a lot harder than me yesterday.

I'm all pumped up right now, so I registered for the Surfside Half Marathon today. I think Holden's registered, and maybe Edwin too. I should probably go ahead and register for the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon too. Yeah, I probably should. Okay, I just did (several moments have passed from the last sentence to this one). Uh-Oh. No turning back now.

Anyhow, the club had a recap lunch at Skeeters, and there was a pretty good turnout, and everyone was showing off their marathon/halfmarathon medals. A couple of people even ran an additional 14-18 miles this morning in preparation for the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. I still think it's amazing when you ask someone when their race is and they say February third and fourth.

Rest on.


HRB President said...

I'm thinking about the Lucky Trails in one way, shape or form. I may just do the half. I've done my one 4-loop marathon for the year (Kingwood on NYD).

I'm probably going to pass on Surfside. The $60 for a half is a bit steep for my blood and I may be doing Mardi Gras the week before in NOLA ... so it may just be an easy Run The Woodlands - or I may just come and hang out.

We'll see. Good to see you yesterday and at the Expo on Saturday.

Holden said...

I'll see you at the Surfside. I'm doing the half. I've never ran on a beach so this will be a cool experience.