Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2 + 2

2 miles yesterday and 2 miles today. Nothing really to note about them. No great difficulties. No wild animals. No chicks checking me out, but there was one old lady I think was checking me out. (old ladies love me)

Work is a hassle for me right now. I'm supposed to write up a summary of this computational project we've been working on, so that we can figure out what we want to publish, and then of course I'll write that paper. I'm also supposed to be working on my proposal, finishing up the details and preparing an oral presentation. And I found out the other day that I'm supposed to write up another publication (maybe two) about some work I did two years ago. All writing and no working makes me crazy.

But I guess I'm focusing on the negative as I am prone to do. Publications are good. I just wish someone else would write them, and I'll collect the data. You'd think someone would go for that, but, no.

Why don't you buy yourself something nice today, maybe a nice cup of coffee, or a pair of sunglasses, or a nice spiral notebook, or a set of legos, or a book. You deserve it. You are <insert your name>, and you one of a kind.



jen said...

Publications are indeed good, especially in the world of academia. If you ask me, I'm fine being 2nd or 3rd author if someone else writes. heh.

Jill said...

I am one of a kind and I want Legos!

Keith said...

Jen - Will you write my papers for me? There is a nice pair of sunglasses in it for you. Or maybe some Legos. Everybody loves Legos. Or maybe some pickled cabbage and some Korean ribs.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

Legos...I wanna go to Legoland!

Holden said...

Legoland = Good.

jen said...

Keith - I'll write you a paper in exchange for a pair of sunglasses made of Legos.