Thursday, February 09, 2006

The sun is a bitch to the clouds.

I have less than a week left, now. I've been doing nothing these past few days except writing this grant proposal, and I'm starting to go a bit loopy. I started brainstorming ideas on the opening paragraph, and went in a very strange direction. I need a break.

Cryptochrome dependent magnetosensation in the avian retina

     Can’t tell which way to go. Getting so cold.
     The sun is a bitch to the clouds.
          No contest.
     A few cloudy days and the whole flock dies.
     Nothing gets pollinated.
     The sky turns black with cicadas
          …and death.
     But, alas! A hole opens up.
          I can see the horizon.
     It saves us from the gamble.
     Keep the sunset on your right,
     and find your rhythm, young one.
     It’s a long way, but we’ll be all right.
          …this time.

That’s what the world would be like without cryptochrome dependent radical pair formation in the avian retina. Literally, the whole world would die!

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Lisaleese said...

What you need to do is find a great coffee shop and host your own poetry slam...